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Académie Scientific Beauté


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Académie Scientific Beauté contains over 200 cosmetic products (face, body care). The brand is exported to 65 countries and is used in salons and aesthetic medical centers in different regions of the world.

By purchasing professional Academie facial treatment, you select a resilient-focused care whose effectiveness is confirmed by the best skin therapists and skin specialists in the world as well as by their clients.

Académie Scientific Beauté has extensive experience, using high-quality natural ingredients and effective formulas. This means that the company can guarantee the declared expected result. The effect of using the home line is felt immediately.

Académie is a leader in scientific research in skin care and cosmetology: the specialists at this company developed the first products for safe tanning (today it is the BronzEcran line), discovered and studied the anti-aging properties of collagen, introduced cell extracts in cosmetology and are the first to started using jojoba oil as a nourishing ingredient.

Académie is Europe's oldest brand and was founded in 1890. In 1896, Académie started the first beauty school in Europe and was otherwise if not in the very heart of Paris. You can find treatments that are suitable for both - men and women. There are products for all types of skin and needs.

Académie is a very honest and effective brand. They share how many percent of active ingredients are in the product. The percentages are very high and you are proud of that. Using apple water instead of plain water in their creams is one of the brand's remarkable advantages.

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