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Cleansing from Babor

Facial cleansing is the first step in your daily skin care routine. It is important to have a good facial cleanser that carefully removes impurities from the skin to get a fresh and healthy skin. Babor offers you a complete range of facial cleansers and toner in its specially developed series Cleansing. Facial cleansers from Babor are specially developed to meet the needs of different skin and solve different problems. In Babor Cleansing you can easily find a good facial cleanser for dry skin, normal skin, oily skin, combination skin, sensitive skin and mature skin.

The cleansing series from Babor offers you a wide selection of water-based cleansers, oil-based cleansers, toner and facial peels. Cleaning from Babor has an optimal pH value that is around 5 - 5.5. This pH is the skin's natural acidity as the skin thrives the most. Facial cleanser from Babor does not dry out the face and leaves no smudges or feelings of tightness.

Since 1955, Babor has held patents for its most popular oil-based facial cleanser Hy-Öl. Hy-Beer cleansing oil is suitable for all skin types and is used as a preparatory step before Phytoactive cleansers. Hy-Beer gently removes makeup and fat-soluble impurities from the skin. Complement your skincare routine with a matching water-based facial cleanser Phytoactive.

Phytoactive facial cleanser contains 4 types of cleansers that are adapted to different skin types. Phytoactive Hydro Base is a good facial cleanser for dry skin. Phytoactive Sensitive soothes sensitive skin while Phytoactive Combination reduces oily shine on oily skin. Phytoactive Reactivating reduces wrinkles and restores firmness to aged skin.

Cleansing series also contains toner that complements their daily skin care routine and prepares the skin for subsequent skin care products. Toner protects the skin during the day and prevents aging. Thermal Spray reduces redness in the skin and takes care of sensitive skin. Thermal Toning Essence moisturizes the skin and strengthens its protective barrier.

Babor Cleansing offers you a large range of facial peels and facial scrubs that gently polish and refresh the skin surface. Facial peeling from Babor gives your skin more radiance while improving the appearance of the skin. Enzyme peeling from Babor is perfect for sensitive skin, as it does not cause redness or irritation but in a gentle way dissolves cell connections and polishes away old skin cells.

For those who like make-up, Babor has included an Eye Make-up remover in its Cleansing series. This cleanser gently removes all types of makeup and takes care of sensitive skin. Take care of your skin with Babor Cleansing and see how your skin thanks you!

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