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ESSENTIAL CARE - Basic gentle skin care for young skin

Babor Essential Care professional skin care products are created to take care of all skin types. In daily life, the skin is exposed to a lot: stress at work, sports, environmental pollution, etc. All stress is then reflected in the skin's well-being and health - you get dry, tired skin with reduced luster, pimples, blackheads, fine lines and wrinkles. Most people today do not have time for expensive and long skin care routines that can prevent aging and take care of the skin in today's stressful everyday life. That's why Babor has created a line of professional skin care products Essential Care that will take care of your skin no matter where the problem is.

Essential Care skin care products do not require much time and give results quickly. Therefore, products from Babor Essential Care fit into everyone's lifestyle and pace. Skin care from the Essential Care line guarantees that your skin will receive enough nutrition, moisture, vitamins and minerals throughout the day without stealing precious minutes of your time. Face creams from Essential Care are created based on the basic needs of sensitive, dry, combination and oily skin.

Essential Care skin care line offers you a number of good emollient products for dry and stressed skin. Moisture Serum for dry skin makes your skin smooth and supple, reduces tightness and prevents the appearance of wrinkles and dry lines. Lipid Balancing Cream rebuilds the skin's natural lipid layers, traps moisture in the skin's deep layers, moisturizes the skin and counteracts the loss of elasticity.

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Essential Care skin care has also met the need for skin with pimples and offers you Pure Cream Intense for oily skin and skin with acne. Face cream for pimples cleanses the skin, reduces sebum production and prevents portal clogging. In Essential Care you can also find a lighter face cream for oily skin with blackheads: Pure Cream. This cream kills bacteria and protects your skin against pimples 24 hours in a row!

Moisture Balancing Cream is perfect for combination skin and skin with a tendency to get oily shine in the t-zone. Face cream for combination skin balances the skin's sebum production on oily face areas and moisturizes the skin in slightly drier places to give you a comfortable and soft finish.

Essential Care skin care products also contain a very good Sensitive Cream - a face cream for sensitive skin. Face cream for redness reduces irritation and heat in the skin, reduces the skin's tendency to become red and flammable and improves the skin's well-being throughout the day.

Complement your daily skin care with a little extra care products for lips - a softening and repairing Lip Repair Balm will keep your lips soft, smooth and supple. Lip balm for chapped lips improves healing and nourishes your lips to keep them fresh and attractive for kissing.

Now you can take care of your skin and wear make-up at the same time: Babor Essential Care offers you a caring BB Cream that is available in three colors. This colored day cream for all skin types contains spf20 and protects your skin from harmful sun rays while improving the skin tone and caring for the skin.

Do you want a fast, budget and complete skin care routine that fits into your everyday life? Now you can easily buy skin care products from Babor Essential Care and be safe for your skin's health!

Essential Care skin care products for low-moisture, dry, sensitive and oily skin. Perfect for young skin.

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