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Skinovage BALANCING is a line of professional skin care products that take care of mixed and oily skin. Skinovage Babalncing skin care products contain a combination of moisturizing ingredients and oil-suppressing substances that work together to normalize combination skin. Mixed skin tends to be oily and shiny in some places and dry and tight in others. Babor has taken that problem into account and created a special line of Skinovage Balancing to meet all the needs of mixed skin.

Skinovage Balancing contains moisturizing ingredients that soften the skin in dry places and make the skin smooth and comfortable. Strengthening lipids counteract moisture loss and improve the skin's protection against environmental stress. Skinovage Balancing skin care products also contain ingredients that reduce sebum production in the skin and keep the skin surface matte and fresh.

Babor Skinovage Balancing has been developed especially for combination skin, which is why Babor has created a unique SEBUCON complex, which is a substance that regulates the skin's sebum production and at the same time moisturizes the skin. Balancing products also contain Power Peptide which protects the skin against harmful environmental influences, strengthens the skin's barrier and prevents moisture loss. That's why Babor Skinovage Balancing is a very good line of skin care products for combination skin.

Skinovage Balancing includes a Balancing Serum that quickly strengthens the skin's moisture layer and gives the skin a beautiful glow. In addition to serum, Skinovage Balancing offers two very potent face creams: Balancing Cream and Balancing Cream Rich. Face cream for mixed skin from Babor helps to enhance the effect of Balancing Serum while absorbing excess oil, nourishing and normalizing the skin's environment to increase skin well-being.

Skinovage Balancing also offers you a comfortable and convenient Balancing Bio-Cellulose Mask. This face mask for combination skin gives you a quick refreshing effect and keeps the skin matte all day. Sheet mask from Babor is very easy to use and it fits perfectly to take with you on the trip.

Balancing Refreshing Eye Pads are eye mask pads that intensely moisturize the skin around the eyes and give your eyes more luster and freshness.

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