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Babor Skinovage Moisturizing - skin care for dry, dehydrated skin

Babor Skinovage Moisturizing is a line of skincare products for dry, normal and damaged skin. Skinovage Moisturizing skincare products contain an active DEEP MOIST complex that penetrates deep into the skin, provides your skin with moisture, lipids and minerals. DEEP MOIST complex locks the moisture in the skin and prevents dryness, which is important in order to maintain skin’s elasticity and firmness and prevent fine lines. 

You with dry skin should definitely try Skinovage Moisturizing, because this line is created to give you all the essential skincare products for your skincare routine. Skinovage Moisturizing offers you moisturizing face creams, softening serum and a radiant face mask. You can combine the products with each other to givet hem extra boost and get more benefits of them. 


Moisturizing Skin Care Babor Skinovage Moisturizing

Moisturizing Serum provides your skin with moisture and makes skin soft and smooth. Serum is felt comfortably on the skin. Moisturizing Face Oil suits perfectly for you with very dry skin that is possibly damaged by wind and cold. Face Oil creates a protective barrier that prevents loss of moisture as the DEEP MOIST complex does it job and moisturizes the skin. Moisturizing Cream and Moisturizing Cream Rich enhance the effects of serum and oil and provide the skin with essential nourishment and minerals. 

Improve the effect of your daily skincare routine with a little extra: Moisturizing Foam Mask and Moisturizing Eye Cream.

Skinovage Moisturizing is a key to a fresh, firm skin.

Moisturizing Skin Care Babor Skinovage Moisturizing



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