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Babor Skinovage Purifiyng - skin care for pimples and blackheads

Babor Skinovage Purifying is a line of professional skincare products for oily, acne-prone skin with pimples and blackheads. Skin with pimples needs a special skincare routine that reduces inflammation and simultaneously moisturizes the skin. That's why Skinovage Purifying is a perfect solution for you with acne-prone skin. Skincare products from SKinovage Purifying contain a unique SUPER PURE extract that helps exfoliate dead skincells, prevents clogged pores, softens and moisturizes the skin and keeps it fresh and radiand.

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Skinovage Purifying offers you all the skincare products you may need in your daily skincare routine against pimples and blackheads. Purifying Serum normalizes sebum production, kills bacteria that cause acne and minimizes blemishes. Serum might be used together with Purifying Cream or Purifying Cream Rich for better effect against acne.

These face creams against pimples enhance the effects of the serum:

  • polish the skin surface,
  • normalise skin’s natural environment, 
  • reduce pimples, blackheads and blemishes.


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Make your daily skincare routine for oily skin complete with a little extra: Purifying Mask and Cooling Eye Gel are created to balance and take care of your skin.

  • Purifying Mask removes imperfections, opens the pores and clears the pimples and blackheads.
  • Cooling Eye Gel moisturizes the skin around the eyes and prevents the appearance of wrinkles and mimical lines.

Babor Skinovage Purifying effective skin care for oily impure skin Beautyka bild071



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