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Babor Skinovage Vitalizing - lustrous skin care products for sensitive skin

Babor Skinovage Vitalizing is a line of professional skin care products for sensitive skin and skin that is gray, dull with reduced radiance. Skinovage Vitalizing skin care products are created to give your skin more freshness and restore its natural, beautiful glow. Professional skin care products from Babor's most popular Skinovage Vitalizing line increase your skin's energy and improve skin health and well-being. With these products for tired skin, you will radiate freshness and glow!

Babor Skinovage Vitalizing contains a specially developed ENERGY Plus complex. This complex provides nutrition and minerals for tired and stressed skin and thus increases the skin's energy stores. The ENERGY Plus complex increases the skin's oxygen uptake and improves metabolism, which is incredibly beneficial for the skin's health and beautiful appearance. With skin care products from Babor Skinovage Vitalizing, the skin can get more nourishment and therefore has more energy to fight aging and resist environmental pollutants that damage the skin.

Vitalizing skin care for tired skin Babor Skinovage Vitalizing

Perfection Peptide in skin care products from Skinovage Vitalizing moisturizes the skin and makes it soft, smooth and supple. Perfection Peptide awakens the skin, cleanses the skin of toxins and impurities and improves the skin's ability to absorb oxygen and minerals. With skin care products from Babor Skinovage Vitalizing, you get a fresh, soft, healthy and strong skin with increased glow!

Babor Skinovage Vitalizing offers you a wide range of products for tired and sensitive skin. With Vitalizing Serum from Babor, you can easily and quickly get more glow in the skin. The serum increases the well-being of the skin and improves skin color on tired, gray-bluish skin that is exposed to a lot of stress.

Complement the refreshing Vitalizing Serum with lustrous face cream to get a lot of freshness and glow! Babor offers you Vitalizing Cream which quickly improves the color of the skin and gives a lot of radiance or Vitalizing Cream Rich which is a richer refreshing face cream for tired skin. Face cream from Skinovage Vitalizing soothes stressed and red skin and protects the skin against aging. Vitalizing Cream Rich from Babor prevents the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines and therefore keeps the skin fresh, soft and elastic!

Complete your skincare routine with two additional products:

  1. Vitalizing Eye Cream
  2. Vitalizing Mask

Luminous eye cream hides dark circles under the eyes and reduces bags to give you a rested and fresh look. Vitalizing Mask takes care of stressed and tired skin. The mask has a very good detox effect that helps to quickly remove impurities from the deepest layers of the skin. The mask reduces stress to which the skin is exposed and improves the well-being of the skin.

To get the best effect from professional skin care products, we recommend to buy Skinovage Vitalizing products and use them regularly in your daily skin care.


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