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Professional skin care products supplier. One of the world´s top professional skin care series

CLINICCARE is a high technology cosmeceutical with immediate and visible effects. Globally patented complexes of hyaluronic acid are many thousand times smaller than ordinary molecules and can penetrate deep into the skin to hydrate and rejuvenate from within. Special formulas provide outstanding results due to unique combination of very effective active ingredients. CLINICCARE use state-of-the-art technology to ensure the highest levels of safety. All CLINICCARE skincare products are designed to provide long lasting deep skin hydration. 

The brand has three unique series, adapted to different skin types and their needs.


The series is aimed at stimulating cell renewal, improving skin firmness and elasticity, and providing a deep and effective moisturization. Products in the series contain extremely high levels of hyaluronic acid. Suitable for all skin types that want to improve skin conditions and treat tired and stressed skin. Particularly suitable for mature, dry and aged skin. 


The series is focused on reducing pigmentation, smoothing skin tone and improving cell turnover. The products give the skin a new luster and increase the skin's elasticity. The series is perfect for sun-damaged, pigmented, glossy and low-moisture skin.


The series is aimed at treating problem skin, reducing redness and inflammation and balancing skin sebum production. Series products treat obstructions and impurities on the skin, repair skin barrier and enhance immune response. Perfect for oily, sensitive, mixed, acne and stressed skin.


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