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ClinicCare Glow serien - products against pigmenteringar

ClinicCare Glow is a series of professional skin care products for sun-damaged skin with uneven skin tone. Glow skin care products contain all active ingredients to reduce the intensity of pigmentation, improve skin tone and give your skin a healthy and beautiful glow! ClinicCare cares about the health of your skin and always includes moisturizing and caring ingredients in its facial products! In ClinicCare Glow products you will find a toner for blemishes, essence and serum for pigmentation and a sheet mask for an even skin tone!

The ClinicCare Glow series against pigmentation contains refreshing and enlightening substances in its formula. Skin care products in the ClinicCare Glow series against pigmentation contain arbutin and Mulberry bark extract which quickly and effectively reduce the intensity of dark spots on the face, even out the skin tone and prevent the appearance of new pigmentations. Arbutin inhibits the production of melanin - a brown color that is produced in the skin cells. Arbutin in Glow products from ClinicCare thus counteracts the appearance of pigmentation in the future and gives you a beautiful glow in the skin.

ClinicCare Glow skin care products against pigmentation also contain a moisturizing and caring hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid binds moisture in the skin and restores the skin's firmness and elasticity. Therefore, the CLinicCare Glow series is suitable for you with dry skin and skin with wrinkles. Hyaluronic acid smoothes the skin and makes it supple, healthy and fresh.

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