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ClinicCare REFRESH SkinCare Routine Kit

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ClinicCare REFRESH Skin Care Routine Kit includes three products for your skin care routine that minimize wrinkles, fine lines and premature signs of skin aging. Refresh Skin Care Routine Kit increases and balances moisture levels, minimizes pores, improves skin's overall health and well-being. Seems anti-age and recovery.

The kit is suitable for all skin types and conditions.

The kit includes:

Step 1: Cliniccare X3M EGF REFRESH TONER Liquid Moisturizer, 100ml

Cliniccare X3M EGF REFRESH TONER Liquid Moisturizer skin rejuvenation liquid moisturizer with anti-aging properties for a deeply hydrated and beautiful skin. It provides skin deep abundant moisture, and it will give you a smooth and well-hydrated skin without irritations. Activates cell renewal, ensures restoration of the skin at a cellular level, contributes to the healing of various types of skin damage caused by the formation of active oxygen and slows the process of cell damage. Contains the same concentration of hyaluronic acid per ml as a dermal filler.

Step 2: Cliniccare X3M EGF REFRESH Essence, 50ml

Cliniccare X3M EGF REFRESH Essence special skin-rejuvenation and anti-aging essence for a dazzling clear and deeply hydrated skin. Having an excellent effect in cell activation and anti-oxidant inhibition. It has a special formula, which will give you a deeply and long lasting well-hydrated skin. A highly concentrated combination of active ingredients help to improve metabolic processes in cells and stimulate collagen synthesis. It regenerate tissue and provide calming effects.

Step 3: Cliniccare X3M EGF REFRESH Serum, 50ml

Cliniccare X3M EGF REFRESH Serum - special skin rejuvenation and anti-aging serum for a beautiful, nourished and well hydrated skin. An antioxidant rich, breathable, luxuriously replenishing serum that restores strength & stability, deeply hydrates and nourishes the skin, locks in moisture without clogging or a greasy feel, promotes elasticity, fights free radicals, signs of aging & external stress. It provides effective rejuvenation, improving the strength of the skin, the resistance to external and internal aggressive factors is increasing, the stem cells are activated and the energy metabolism is restored.


Cliniccare X3M EGF REFRESH TONER Liquid Moisturizer calms, softens, revitalizes and moisturizes the skin. Protects skin from environmental stress and free radicals.

Cliniccare X3M EGF REFRESH Essence moisturizes, revitalises, repairs and protects the skin. Gives fresher, smoother, clearer and healthier skin.

Cliniccare X3M EGF REFRESH Serum moisturizes, repairs, softens and protects the skin. Prevents aging and strengthens skin barrier.

Cliniccare X3M EGF REFRESH TONER Liquid Moisturizer: Apply 1-2 dropps of the product on the face and massage untill the product is absorbed. Follow with Refresh Essence och Refresh Serum

Cliniccare X3M EGF REFRESH Essence: Apply over the face after the Refresh Moisturizer. Massage gently. Follow with Refresh Serum.

Cliniccare X3M EGF REFRESH Serum: Apply over the face after the Refresh Moisturizer and Refresh Essence. Massage gently. 

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