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Dermaceutic Prevent anti aging skin care


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Dermaceutic Prevent series - skin care to prevent signs of aging

Wrinkles, fine lines, loss of elasticity, pigment changes are the most common signs of skin aging. The Dermaceutics Prevent skin care series offers innovative solutions to combat these signs and achieve a younger skin that looks healthier and smoother.

Internal and external factors such as sun exposure, stress, pollution, lifestyle or diet have their harmful effects on the skin. Your skin is exposed to these environmental stresses daily. They can cause damage to your skin cells, weaken the cells and as a consequence, inflammation can occur. Dermaceutics Prevent skin care products help prevent damage caused by these aggressors.

Dermaceutic Prevent series main active ingredients:

  • Vitamin E - acts as an antioxidant, minimizing harmful effects on your skin
  • Retinol complex - increases collagen production, fights signs of photoaging

Prevent skin care is suitable for all skin types. Ideal for mature, premature aging, sun-damaged and sensitive skin.

Dermaceutic Prevent skin care against aging


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