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Dermaceutic Restore series - repairing, soothing, moisturizing skin care

Delivering a lot of moisture into your skin helps to deal with several skin problems such as skin aging, dryness and redness.

The Dermaceutics Restore series contains repairing face creams that nourish, soothe and restore your skin. Internal and external factors continuously affect your skin and threaten the skin's well-being. Dehydrated, dry or irritated skin indicates a deterioration or damage to the skin barrier.

Powerful nutrients such as peptides and lipid complexes restore your skin barrier and remove unpleasant sensations, help reduce irritation and inflammation, improve skin repair ability and prevent dryness.

Dermaceutic Restore series main active ingredients:

  • Hyaluronic acid - protects against transepidermal water loss
  • Aloe vera extract - soothes the skin and reduces inflammation
  • Shea butter - high concentration of fatty acids and vitamins

Suitable for all skin types. Ideal for dry, normal, sun-damaged and sensitive skin. Perfect after laser treatments, chemical peels and other aesthetic procedures.

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