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Take care of your skin with Dermalogica products.

Dermalogica was founded in 1986 in Los Angeles, USA, by Jane and Raymond Wurwand, who have, moreover, three years earlier, started The International Dermal Institute, a prominent training center for skin and body therapists. Jane, a well-trained dermatologist from Englad, thought that the opportunities for good further education in the USA were too few and, therefore, started the center. Today, all Dermalogica's products are developed by The International Dermal Institute with the help of expertise from the schools' network of instructors.

Face Mapping Dermalogica skin analysis - your first step to skin well-being.

Face Mapping skin analysis Dermalogica is performed by an authorized certified skin therapist with regard to skin needs, skin type and skin condition.

All Dermalogica products are manufactured in the USA and have never been tested on animals.

Dermalogica's professional skin care products have adapted to the needs of modern man and take into account the external factors we encounter every day: stress, UV light and pollution. Dermalogica wants it to be easy to take care of skin in the best way with effective products in flexible packaging and focuses on customers getting as much as possible for their money.

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Dermalogica products - a real pioneer in non-comedogenic ingredients

The skin care series does not contain comedogenic ingredients, in other words skin care products that do not clog the skin and, thus, do not cause blackheads. The products are free from clogging mineral oils, allergenic and irritating dyes and perfumes, dehydrating S.D. alcohol.

The active ingredients consist of natural essential oils and extracts.

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Problem-solving skin care products from Dermalogica:

  1. For general skin health: Called the "gray series" and is Dermalogica's bestseller and most popular products for everyday use. It contains cleansers, toner, boosters, emollients, exfoliations, masks and eye care for all skin types.
  2. Age Smart: Consists of advanced products that counteract premature aging. In this series, ingredients such as peptides and retinol are used.
  3. PowerBright TRx: These products work effectively against pigmentation and give radiance to the skin.
  4. Active Clearing: Counteracts problem skin and also works actively on existing impurities. Also has matting products for oily skin.
  5. UltraCalming: A series for customers with sensitive skin. The products treat the problems and prevent the sensitivity from increasing.

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      Complementary Dermalogica products:

      • Daylight Defense: Dermalogica's sun series that contains different types of UV protection and after sun.
      • Body Therapy: Body products and hair products that nurture, provide energy or have a relaxing effect.
      • Shave: Shaving products to use in connection with shaving.
      • Clear Start: A series for teens with blackheads, oily skin or blemishes. The series is gentle on the skin but tough on the problems.

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      Buy skin care products from Dermalogica online at Beautyka.se

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