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Eneomey is a French series of cosmeceuticals that gives a fantastic glow and incredibly nice results. Eneomey's cosmetology is unique. The products stimulate the skin's cellular activity and improve the skin's structure. The products have a wonderful antiaging effect. An effective blend of active ingredients, such as Vitamin C, glycolic acid and phytic acid, gives the optimal result. Eneomey's treatment products revitalize the skin, remove dead cells and increase collagen and elastin production, making the skin look younger.

Laboratoire Eneomey has combined sensory experience, comfort and efficiency in its products. Several clinical studies have been conducted with the aim of proving the effectiveness of Eneomey's peels and skin care products. These studies have been carried out with the aid of the measuring device VISIA, a tool for diagnosis that allows the evaluation of facial skin with an objective follow-up of results obtained. This research system uses the largest world database for skin characteristics and makes it possible to analyze the skin both on and under the surface, thus analyzing wrinkles, pigments, skin structure and pores.

Experts recommend daily use of antioxidant care in the morning along with sun protection and stimulating care in the evening. The Eneomey program regenerates the epidermis of the skin, making the skin younger. Eneomey products are recommended to be used while doing all kinds of antiaging treatments such as chemical peels.

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