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Priori’s adaptiva hudvård är utformat för att ”förstå” hudens komplexa kommunikationssystem – de subtila nyanserna som gör att du är du. Alla Priori’s produkter är framtagna för att kunna läsa- och koda av hudens specifka behov av fukt, skydd och återuppbyggnad. Genom att Priori använder sig av omsorgsfullt framtagna, avancerade nyheter inom bioteknologi kan deras produkter leverera det resultat specifka hudtyper är i behov av – det kallars för adaptiv hudvård. 

Almost every brand has its own joy. But if you need to solve specific skin problems, you need PRIORI skin care products.

PRIORI is a good brand that solves many really complex skin problems, such as the problem of hyperpigmentation, sun damaged skin and post-acne pigmentation.

It is generally accepted that PRIORI is bioengineered cosmetics. Not in words. One of the flagships is, of course, Idebenone, whose invention gave the world fame to researchers, researchers and brand creators.

Idebenone is a synthetic analogue of coenzyme Q10, which is considered a powerful natural antioxidant. But the Idebenon molecule is 60 times smaller than Q10. So what? Because of its small size, it can penetrate very deeply into the skin and because of this, it becomes 1000 times more effective. Caring special products from PRIORI give shine, counteract skin aging and he takes care of skin health.

Q10 is a very effective antioxidant. However, not many people know that a very high concentration in the product is necessary for it to have the necessary lasting effect! Therefore, the use of Q10 immediately transfers products to the upper price category, and if not, the tool contains only traces of Q10 and its presence is only necessary for advertising purposes.

The founding fathers of the brand are 2 researchers who discovered the AHA acids with us and also synthesized a more powerful molecule - Idebenone.

You can talk about PRIORI skin care products for a long time. Short about the lines:


-The base line of acids is the AHA line. The main component is lactic acid. In fact, glycolic acid is considered to be the best for AHA acids because the molecule is smaller. Nevertheless, PRIORI specialists use lactic acid which is more physiological to our skin.

The efficacy of PRIORI is confirmed by several clinical studies.

Perfect for dry, aged. oily, acne-prone skin and normal and sensitive skin. PRIORI skin care counteracts surface roughness, reduces fine lines and signs of aging, suppresses inflammation and fights pigmentation.

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