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How to use serum


How to apply serum on the face

Serums can be either water-based or oil-based. If the serum has a jelly-like consistency, it usually does not contain lipids and such a serum should be covered with a day or night cream.

If the serum is an emulsion, such a serum contains lipids and, as a rule, can be used under a cream and as an independent skin care product.

Serum should be applied to cleansed skin, after tonic and in a small amount. Serum is used in the morning and evening, only in the morning or only in the evening depending on the serum type.

Remember that face serum is a concentrated skin care product, so 2-3 drops of serum are usually enough to spread over the skin on the face and neck. In some cases, you can add an additional 1 to 2 drops topically to the problem area such as age spots if you are using a whitening serum.

Serum should be applied with fingertips, with stroking or patting movements along massage lines. Do not apply a day or night cream immediately after applying the serum, take a break for a few minutes, let the serum absorb completely.

Combination of Serum and cream

An important point is the choice of the cream that you apply after the serum. There are serums, such as moisturizing serums, that can be used under almost any cream.

There are serums that should be used together with a cream from the same product line, otherwise there is a risk that an incorrectly selected cream will dramatically reduce the effectiveness of your serum.

Therefore, if you are not sure, it is better not to combine, but ask a skin therapist, or take a pair - cream and serum from the same product line. Such a cream will definitely be suitable for use with your serum.

By the way, usually in such cases you can achieve a more noticeable result. For example, if you combine a bleaching serum and a bleaching cream from the same product range, they will perfectly complement and enhance each other's effects.

Skin therapists recommend:


Skin therapists recommend adding a light vitamin C serum to your morning facial. During the day, it will protect your skin from free radical damage. Vitamin C is also good for brightening skin with age spots and post-acne. If you have sensitive skin, use Vitamin C face serum once a week and watch for reactions.


For this time, a facial serum with hyaluronic acid is well suited. It intensively moisturizes your skin and makes it smooth. If you use anti-acne or anti-aging skin care products that dry or irritate the skin, it is recommended to moisturize the skin in several layers.


How often can the serum be used?

Serums are concentrated skin care products, therefore they are used in regimens. As a rule, the duration of the course is from 2 weeks to 2 months and after that it is advisable to take a break. You can repeat the course after some time or carry out a course with another serum, if necessary.

You can carry out such courses 3-6 times a year depending on the condition of the skin and the presence of any problems. But no matter how much you like the serum, you shouldn't use it all the time! You risk overloading the skin with active ingredients, which in the end can also damage the skin.

For the serum to work, once is not enough. The first visible changes appear only after 2-4 weeks of regular use. Of course, if you use a simple moisturizing serum, the skin will be well hydrated immediately after application.

Use of serum in salons

Skin therapists usually use active serum in the salons. During professional treatments, serums are often applied using various advanced methods, for example by using mesotherapy, microneedling, phonophoresis or microcurrents. In addition, salon treatments usually include deep skin cleansing, massage and the application of various masks.

Of course, with such a complete approach, the active ingredients penetrate better and deeper into the skin, its effectiveness becomes higher, thus the result is visible even after the first procedure.

Should I include serums in home skin care?

Include serum in your home care when needed – serum is a really effective and modern skin care tool.

5 reasons why you should add serum to your skin care routine

  1. Improvement of skin structure.
  2. Reduce age spots and post-acne with regular use of serum.
  3. Narrowing of enlarged pores, which means reduction of blackheads and pimples.
  4. Reduced facial swelling.
  5. Good hydration of the skin.


ATTENTION! Test the serum first! Always do a sensitivity test before use especially if you have an acid facial serum in your skin care bag!


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