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Pimples on the face

There are different types of pimples:

  • small whites that sit deep in the skin
  • black, brown pimples also known as blackheads 
  • red, often inflamed large pimples
  • swollen blood-filled and sore
  • regularely recurring 

But they all arise via the same path: namely that the pores become contaminated and blocked. Our skin has many hair follicles, these form pores. These pores can become clogged on the outside with contaminants or dead skin cells and thus prevent sebum / fat that forms in the pore from coming out.

When sebum cannot come out of the pore, which it usually does, it begins to accumulate and become inflamed.

This is how a pimple is formed. It often happens on oily, combination skin, partly because these skin types also have higher sebum production, but even normal and dry skin can get pimples.


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