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Why do you get pimples?

Pimples, blackheads and small white pimples under the skin are actually a very common problem. There are many reasons why you get pimples. The most common are hormonal changes and adjustments that occur during puberty and before menstruation. Other causes can be poor skin care and hygiene, poor eating habits, stress, staying in dirty and hot environments, excessive sweating, medication, etc. In most cases, it is possible to treat pimples and get a beautiful, healthy and supple skin.

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Most common causes of pimples on the face & back:

  1. Do you eat fast food, sweets or drink soft drinks? It is not uncommon for acne to appear on the face: fat, flour, salt and sweets can safely secure pimples on the face, neck, chest and even on the back. Adjust your diet. Try to refrain from these products.
  2. If you, like many others, do not drop the phone, think about how long ago you wiped the screen with germicidal napkins? If you do not usually keep your stuff clean, be sure to fix it.
  3. Some of us have a habit of touching face with hands. Sometimes this happens unconsciously, especially when we are worried. Remember that the hands are far from the most sterile part of our body, so this can also provoke impurities in the face.
  4. Do you use high quality makeup and before going to bed, do you properly remove your makeup, but do you still get acne? Maybe pimples are due to the makeup brushes. Bacteria can accumulate and multiply on them. Makeup brushes should be washed with warm water and soap regularly
  5. Remember - never go to bed with makeup! If you do not follow this rule, be prepared that the next morning your face may "scatter". Remnants of makeup clog the pores, leading to catastrophic consequences in the form of red blemishes all over the face.
  6. Many people squeeze out annoying pimples. It does not solve the problem, but on the contrary, it aggravates the rash: when you squeeze out a single pimple, bacteria get deeper into the skin, which can lead to acne getting worse.
  7. Pimples on the face or back are often caused by stress. Stress has a profound effect on the skin and causes uneven skin tone, wrinkles and rashes.
  8. Improper skin care. The skin should be observed at all ages, especially in adolescence to avoid the problem of acne
  9. Another common cause of pimples is dehydration. Drink plenty of water, especially if you are flying. Remember to moisturize the skin in the morning and evening!


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