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Ampoules along with patches and facial water came to us from Corea and became very popular because of their unique properties and fast effects. Ampoules are different from booster and serum in that the active ingredients contained in ampoules are considerably smaller and are capable of penetrating deep into the skin. Thus, beneficial substances reach deeper into skin layers and have a better effect as well as a faster and more potent results. Ampoules do not contain as much moisturizing or softening components, these properties are reserved for face creams and serums, but ampoules are a kind of beauty revolver that shoots at a specific problem without missing targets! The ampoules specifically work on one or a few skin problems: pimples, redness, sensitivity, inflammation, wrinkles or saggy skin. Ampoules need not be applied all over the whole face. You have the freedom to choose one to two ampoules that you want to use and combine them on your face, based on the problems you want to work with!

Ampoules are packaged in a dosed package suitable for single use. There are several reasons for this. First, our skin can only absorb a certain amount of beneficial ingredients at a time. No matter how much cream you apply, only a certain amount will come in and have an effect. Ampoules are created in such a way that they contain the right dose that is perfect for one application. This dose is loaded with the maximum amount of active ingredients that will nourish the skin and work on a certain skin condition. Second, ampoules contain extremely active ingredients that will quickly be destroyed if left in an open jar. Therefore, the entire ampoule should be used at once, otherwise you will not benefit from the latter use. It is difficult to get such an extremely active ingredients in creams and serums, because these beauty products go in a large package, but ampoules have become an excellent solution to that problem! Not a single drop of beneficial substances would be lost and your skin will receive a maximum amount of ingredients that will work to give you a beautiful, clean and fresh skin!

The purpose of ampoules is to work on a specific skin problem. Therefore, ampoules can be used to treat problems of all skin types without exception: oily skin, dry skin, combined skin, mature and aged skin, sensitive skin or youth skin. Most often, the ampoule contains a concentrate of 3-5 active ingredients that work together on a skin problem and give you the best results quickly. Ampoules can be used to treat color changes, pigmentations and uneven skin color and give you clear and fresh skin. Dry skintypes can advantageously use moisturizing ampoules with an extremely high amount of hyaluronic acid and glycerine. Do you have concerns with wrinkles, fine lines, lost lift and reduced elasticity? Does your skin look aging and shaggy? Anti-age ampoules help you regain a youthful excitement and noticeably reduce signs of aging! Do you have sensitive skin that cannot withstand touch and does not tolerate strong beauty products? There are ampoules that soothe and cool the skin as well as strengthen its barrier and attenuate sensitivity. Acne? Inflammation, pimples and blackheads? Or an annoying fatty shine? Choose ampoules with vitamin C and tea tree oil. They reduce sebum production and kill bacteria that cause pimples.


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