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Daycream is a beauty product that should be applied over the face after cleansing, face lotion and serum / booster. Daycream has a fatter texture than serum or booster and contains potent nourishing substances and active ingredients. Face cream is suitable for all skin types: dry skin, oily skin, combined skin, youth skin, acne skin, mature and aged skin, and sensitive skin. Face creams are created in such a way that they protect and moisturize the skin throughout the day, adding moisture and nutrition to maintain and improve skin´s health and counteract the appearance of age signs.

Daycreams differ in their content and texture and is suitable for treating different types of skin problems and skin conditions. Daycreams are used today to help reduce pigmentation and prevent the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, protect from environmental damage, kill bacteria and prevent inflammation, treat pimples and blackheads, repair the skin and restore its natural microflora. In addition to this, day cream is an excellent product for moisturizing the skin and counteracting moisture loss to reduce the dryness and age signs as well as to soothe your skin and give it the feeling of well-being.

More than that, daycreams are often targeted to treat a specific type of skin problem. Depending on which active substances the cream contains, it will have different effects on your skin. Do you want to smooth out skin tone and give your skin more glow, get rid of pigmentations, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, restore skin tightness and elasticity, or fight acne and reduce pimples? Daycream can help you achieve the desired result quickly and smoothly.

Face creams often go in series and are recommended to be used in your daily skin care routine with booster or serum. The reason for this is that serum and cream enhance each other's effects when applied one after another (serum under the cream) and this gives you even more of your beauty products! Serum contains many active ingredients and the cream often improves the absorption and prevents degradation of these substances that are so beneficial to your skin. You also get better protection against environmental stress while the cream strengthens the skin's barrier and prevents dehydration. Often, daycreams and serums are created to activate each other to give you the best skin care you want!

In the beauty industry, we often use day and night creams to enhance the effect of treatments and improve results. Many brands create lines of treatments and beauty products that should be used during and after the cure to maintain and enhance the effect of the treatment. Day creams are almost always included in these combinations, because they are such potent products that suit everyone and can be worn year-round, either alone or under make-up.

Today's day cream contains sunscreen, physical and / or chemical, to break down harmful UV rays and neutralize free radicals that can damage the skin and cause the appearance of age signs. Some day creams have a light tone to give you a smooth and natural skin color while taking care of your skin. These creams can advantageously be used in the summer or the days you do not want makeup, but can also be worn during make-up without affecting its quality. All this is for protecting and treating your skin without having to buy many different products!

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