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Face cream is the most popular skin care product today. Face cream can be used to achieve several different goals: moisturizing, soothing, rejuvenating, nourishing, against pimples and against redness. Finding the right face cream can be difficult and time consuming. But once you have found your best face cream, you will immediately feel how the skin changes.

Which face cream is best for you?

Criteria for a good face cream vary from person to person. Face cream should fit in its texture, smell, use, ingredients and effect to achieve the measure "best" for you. These parameters make it difficult to choose a good cream for the face. To facilitate the choice, we offer you a large assortment of different professional skin creams from well-known and proven brands. Our face creams have high quality ingredients and give a guaranteed result, you just have to choose what effect you are looking for.

The best face cream is one that solves your existing problem. You should first decide what effect you want to get out of your face cream. Face creams differ in their ingredients and thus give different results. There are good face creams for pimples and blackheads, moisturizing creams, face creams for redness, for wrinkles, for sun spots, for oily shine and for irritation.

How to choose face cream?

The first step to finding a good face cream is to determine your main problem right now and understand what effect you want to get from your cream. It is important to understand that a face cream is aimed at a specific condition and solves a specific problem. Good face cream must suit your skin type and age. A face cream for oily skin can cause dryness on an already dry skin, while a face cream for wrinkles can be too heavy for a young skin.

You should also distinguish between day cream and night cream. Day cream is a type of face cream that protects the skin from environmental stress during the day, strengthens the skin barrier and neutralizes free radicals. Night cream is a face cream that nourishes, stimulates cell turnover and exfoliates dead skin cells. A good face cream against pimples and wrinkles is usually used at night, while a face cream for dry, irritated skin is often used during the day.

Which face cream is right for your skin type?

To find the right face cream, it is important to also know what skin type you have. Face cream for dry skin should be enriched with PHA acids, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, vitamin E and lipids. These ingredients make a good face cream restore the skin's moisture barrier, build up protective skin layers and prevent dehydration, irritation and tightness.

A good face cream for irritated, stressed and sensitive skin should contain PHA acids, lipids, vitamin B3, vitamin E, chamomile, aloe vera and cucumber. These ingredients keep the skin fresh and moisturized while cooling the skin and protecting it from stress. It is very important to look at ingredients to find the best face cream for sensitive skin and skin with redness that can react to acids and vitamin A, among other things.

The best face cream against pimples and acne contains acids, salicylic acid, vitamin B3, AHA acids and clay. Face cream against blackheads and oily shine is often used at night and must be supplemented with sunscreen. Good skin cream against wrinkles is usually used after the age of 30-40. Rejuvenating face creams should contain retinol, acids, mandelic acid, glycolic acid and lactic acid, vitamin C and peptides that increase cell turnover, build up proteins in the skin and increase skin elasticity.

How to apply face cream?

A good face cream can give much better results if used correctly. Learn massage lines on the face and apply face cream according to special lines. In this way, you massage the skin and increase blood circulation. Face cream will sink more easily into the skin and you will get much more of the cream!

Apply face cream with patting light movements from the nose to the temple, from the eyebrows to the scalp and on the chin. Do not forget to apply face cream on the jaw line and neck!


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