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Clay mask: The all-in-one solution for beautiful skin

Until the 20th century, clay mask use was limited to balancing the oil content of the skin. With the increased popularity of organic products, clay masks became in demand. New recipes of clay mask for sensitive skin, deep cleansing, whitening and moisturizing were developed dramatically. In addition to using homemade clay masks, these are added to therapeutic treatment protocols and skin care routines.

This widespread use of clay masks has been made possible by a lot of scientific research. The use of clay masks is, among other things, an effective way to gently exfoliate the skin, prevent acne and reduce inflammation. Thanks to the complex effect of clay mask, the skin becomes fresher, noticeably brighter, the microrelief is smoothed.

Clay masks with a deep cleansing effect

Best clay masks are absolute favorites among customers today! Clay masks are skin care products that solve several different skin conditions and can be used all year round without damaging the skin or causing sun sensitivity. The best feature of clay masks is that they are super easy to use and give results immediately!

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 Clay masks absorb sebum and dirt from the skin surface, reduce blackheads and minimize enlarged pores. There are different types of clay used for different clay masks to get the best for your skin!

There are several clays that can be used in clay mask making. These clays have different colors and properties.

Best clay masks for acne skin and skin with pimples and blackheads contain white clay. White clay soothes the skin, kills bacteria and reduces oily shine on the skin, which is why such a clay mask is absolutely best for oily and combination skin with pimples.

Clay masks with black clay are suitable for all skin types. Such masks increase the skin's oxygenating ability and cleanse the skin from impurities that accumulated during the day.

Best clay masks for aged, mature skin with occasional pimples contain red clay which effectively exfoliates dead skin cells, improves blood circulation in the skin and smoothes the skin surface. If you want a smooth and fresh skin with a lot of radiance, then clay masks with red clay are the best choice for you!

The unique properties of clay worm are due to the rich bioactive composition that is celebrated for clay. Clay saturates tissues with micro and macro elements as well as minerals and antioxidants. Silicon increases elasticity and strengthens the walls of blood vessels. Potassium helps eliminate toxins. Zinc normalizes, accelerates wound healing and also maintains tissue resistance to infections.


Often one can see a connection between the color and properties of the clay masks.

  • Green clay mask - disinfects, removes impurities and evens skin texture.
  • White clay mask - recommended for tired skin, increased dryness and a tendency to irritation. This clay mask refreshes and nourishes the skin.
  • Red clay mask - used to prevent the vascular network, strengthens the walls of blood vessels, has a regulatory effect.
  • Pink clay mask - recommended for sensitive skin, as well as for delicate skin with a tendency to allergies. This clay mask is nourishing and moisturizing.

Finding the best clay masks that suits you and your needs can be difficult. But with this information, you can now buy the absolute best clay masks for your skin!

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