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Gel mask for face

Gel mask is a potent moisturizing and soothing skin care product for all skin types. Gel mask has a unique gel consistency that settles as a film on the skin surface and creates a protective barrier that counteracts moisture loss. If you have dry, stressed skin with a tendency to become red and flammable, then gel mask is a perfect alternative for you. You can easily bring such a mask on a sun holiday or why not take such a mask before a big party to look a little extra nice!

Gel mask is enriched with active ingredients that fill the skin with moisture and radiance. Common substances found in a gel mask are hyaluronic acid, algae extract and various vitamins. These ingredients give gel mask its amazing moisturizing, balancing and soothing properties. If you have gray-gray skin that needs extra care and radiance, then a gel mask is for you! Such a mask refreshes the skin and normalizes the skin's healthy cell turnover while at the same time taking care of the skin's moisture balance.

Gel mask is a perfect alternative to after-sun masks. Its external soothing properties mean that gel mask can quickly reduce redness and irritation in the skin, reduce stress and itching and give a feeling of pleasure. Gel mask can also be used on other body parts, not just the face. If you have eczema or constantly stressed, irritated skin, then gel mask is a must-have for you! Keep your gel mask in the fridge to get an even better soothing and cooling effect and also prolong the life of the mask!

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