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In our store you can find products that fit both men and women and are considered unisex, but we have chosen to collect some products that are specially developed and adapted to men's needs. Most products in that group focus on just shaving and treatment after that. The products actively work to make shaving more comfortable and gentle, they soothe the skin, dampen redness and irritation and improve the skin's repairing ability.

Men often neglect skin care and do not use beauty products to take care of their skin. Too bad, though, because the man's skin differs from the woman's skin and often needs more careful approach. Men have more active sweat glands that produce sebum and lead to the skin being more oily and glossy. Men often have more blackheads and internal pimples than women have, due to narrower pores and a higher degree of sebum production. Most men shave their faces and usually get irritation and redness. Shaving can stimulate the growth of bacteria and thus give an increased tendency to inflammation and pimples. In addition, men often get coarser wrinkles and fine lines. The man's wrinkles are often deep and coarse due to larger facial muscles. This means that men begin to look older early on.

What is needed to maintain good skin health and prevent aging, irritation and redness is a good cleanser that will remove dirt and contaminants as well as absorb excess sebum, moisturizing day and night cream that will add moisture and prevent dehydration as well as a soothing serum or an after- shave agents that will soothe the skin and prevent the onset of inflammation, small wounds and even reduce itching. To further improve the skin care routine and get more out of your beauty products, you can use different face masks to specifically work against pimples and blackheads or soothe and moisturize the skin. In addition to masks, there are special serums and concentrates that are quickly absorbed into the skin and actively work to give you a smooth and supple skin without dryness and itchiness. Of course, men should not forget to use sunscreen and also regularly go to a skin therapist for postage, exfoliation and other appropriate skin care treatments.

Begin your day by cleaning the skin with a special gel or foam cleanser. Follow up with facial water and moisturizing cream or serum. Finish off with a sunscreen with appropriate SPF. Repeat the same procedure in the evening, if desired, you can improve cleaning by using facial scrub or gentle exfoliation to open pores and get a deeper clean. It is very advantageous to apply a face mask after a scrub. If you shave in the evening, use a gentle scrub before shaving and apply a soothing and moisturizing mask or serum after shaving. If you have sensitive skin or a dry skin, consider using enzyme peelings instead of scrubs. They do not have mechanical components in themselves and do not cause irritation or discomfort. Do not use peelings and scrubs more than 1-2 times a week.

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