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Cleansers is the foundation of all good skin care and it contributes to good skin condition and health. During the day, the skin secretes sweat and sebum and meets environmental stress, dust and dirt. All of these factors can impair skin health, cause portillary obstruction or lead to inflammation. To avoid unbalanced and stressed skin, it is extremely important to remove dirt and makeup every day. The cleaning process is important for everyone even for those who do not use makeup. Cleanser products remove impurities and makeup, protect and moisturize the skin, and prepare it for subsequent skin care products. Some cleansers are designed to treat certain skin problems such as acne, sensitivity or dryness. Cleanser products can be in various forms: lathering gel, hydrophilic (water-soluble) oil, cleaning cream or cleaning milk, etc. Important to remember that the cleaning products must be specially adapted to your own skin type. Don't forget to clean your face every day, morning and evening.

For best results, the same products should be used regularly for 3 months. Most brands develop product ranges that are tailored to the needs of all skin types, and it can be beneficial to use products in the range. It is also recommended to supplement the cleaning with suitable alcohol-free face water to remove any dirt residues, add moisture and restore the skin's normal structure and pH.

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