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Aging is an inevitable process in our skin, but with today's skin care products and treatments, there are many variants on how to delay the appearance of saggy skin and minimize wrinkles to maintain young and fresh skin for as long as possible. Both women and men today visit dermatologists to fight against aging and get the desired result: lifted skin with enhanced glow with reduced small wrinkles and fine lines. There are thousands of treatments and beauty products for the facial skin, which means that almost everyone uses anti-age products for the face and always forget about taking care of the neck and decolletage. Very bad though, because these sensitive areas also age and need the same if not more accurate care than your face receives.

Neck and decolletage together with face are areas that are constantly exposed to environmental pressures, including sun. This means that skin there gets more of the damage and quickly loses its health and elasticity unless you help it to recover and add moisturizing and anti-aging substances. It is well known and scientifically proven that the sun damages the skin's cells and causes them to die quickly. At the same time, the sun provides increased activity in the color-producing cells of the skin, giving you an uneven skin color and pigmentation. To prevent tinting and loss of tension and elasticity of the skin, take care of the neck and decolletage in the same way you do with your face. Clean the area with special cleaning, often you can use the same as you have for the face. Don't forget to apply sunscreen cream over your neck and decolletage when going outdoors. Remember that the higher SPF you have, the better the sunscreen protects.

With age, our skin loses its ability to produce and maintain its own moisture. This leads to dehydration, moisture loss and the appearance of wrinkles. The aging process looks different on the neck and face. On the face you get limited, local wrinkles and small spots of color. While on the neck and decolletage, wrinkles become widespread and deep, looking wavy and scattered. In addition, the skin becomes shaggy and forms folds around the neck, which look like rings. Color irregularities are larger and darker, look coarser and can accumulate for several years. As you can see, there are marked differences in how the skin ages on the face and neck. Therefore, even anti-age products should differ, in order to best treat each area.

If you want to prevent aging in the neck and decolletage, which people around you see as much as your face, choose specialized skin care products that are designed to specifically work on skin problems on the neck and decolletage. These serums and creams contain maximum concentrations of active ingredients that moisturize and soften the skin, add nutritious components and restore skin health. As with facial care products, there are many different variants of serums and creams for the neck and decolletage that work specifically with the problem you want to get rid of. They are suitable for all skin types and skin problems: oily skin, blended skin, normal skin, dry skin, aged skin and mature skin, sun damaged skin and pigmented skin. Book a consultation with our skin therapists in Vasastan to get recommendations and buy skin care products!

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