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Night cream is a potent facial product that helps you enhance the effects of day creams and treatments and improves skin texture on a deeper level. Night creams have special properties, which are based on the fact that our skin repairs itself during the night. Just during the night we get the greatest synthesis of collagen and elastin in the skin, which promotes reduction of wrinkles and smoothing out of other signs of aging. This is the main reason why almost all night creams contain active ingredients that promote cellular turnover and thus fight and prevent the appearance of fine lines, dryness lines and wrinkles. In addition, our skin has the greatest absorptive capacity for certain ingredients during the night, which is actively used in the beauty industry. Such beauty products containing glycolic acid, retinol, vitamins C and E will have the greatest effect if applied 1-2 hours before bedtime.

Another feature that our skin gets during the night is the deteriorated moisture barrier and increased water loss. Therefore, it is important to apply moisturizing cream that will add moisture to the weakened skin while you sleep. Such a cream will both protect the skin from moisture loss and dehydration as well as add important nutrients and balance the skin's moisture balance to prevent the appearance of swelling and tenderness. During the night, the skin will effectively absorb the moisture and promote its transport to the skin's deepest layers.

If you want to improve your skin tone and brighten your skin, choose a brightening night cream. It is during the night, when sun cannot break down active ingredients, as such creams will have the greatest effect. If you want to increase glow and stimulate cell turnover to get a fresh complexion, choose night cream with exfoliated properties. As our skin turns over more during the night, night cream with exfoliating effect will improve and further stimulate this process, so you get more of your beauty routines.

It is important to choose the right night cream that suits your skin type. For dry skin that is more stress- and injury-prone, we recommend choosing moisturizing, softening and protective night cream, which will soothe the skin and promote its well-being while creating a protective moisture barrier and neutralizing environmental factors. Oily skin should get an antibacterial and sebum-regulating skin care product that does not contain oil. Choose products with a light exfoliating effect to increase glow in your skin. Adolescent skin, problem skin and acne prone skin need a bactericidal, strengthening, soothing and repairing night cream to prevent the appearance of pimples and inflammations and normalize the skin's microflora and improve skin health. You with such a skin type can look at product series containing anti-inflammatory serum, booster and night creams, which together provide the best effect.

You with sensitive skin may consider buying a light, delicate, softening, soothing and moisturizing night cream that will cool down the skin, strengthen capillaries and build up the skin barrier while stimulating healing. Night cream can advantageously be used to treat mature and aged skin with early signs of aging, lost tension and reduced elasticity. Today's technologies enable the delivery of active ingredients that effectively stimulate the synthesis of skin proteins that tighten the skin, smooth out wrinkles and reduce shagging. Night creams for aging skin help improve elasticity and give the skin a lift.

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