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Scrub, Peeling & Exfoliant. There are different types of peelings: chemical, biological or mechanical. Mechanical peelings (grains) remove the top layer of skin, chemical peelings (acids) and biological peelings (enzymes) dissolve old skin cells and dirt particles. All three types of exfoliation promote cell renewal, improve skin tone, provide clearer and smoother skin and counteract aging. Sometimes all three types of exfoliating are combined in the same product, resulting in more effective exfoliation.

Skin therapists recommend using scrubs or peels two to three times a week to maintain the fresh appearance of the skin and improve cells’ turnover. There are some differences between scrubs and peelings, which gives you a wide range of beauty products to choose from to find the right one for you! In addition to this, there is a huge variation between different types of peels: chemical peels, enzyme peels, peels with acids, all of which are very nice for use in your beautyroutine. The main advantage of scrubs and peelings is that they stimulate the growth of new, healthy and fresh cells as well as improve the absorption capacity of the skin and thus enhance the effect of other beauty products that you use in your skincare routine.

Scrubs contain small physical particles that gently exfoliate dead skin cells and remove the dry skin layer. Scrub is good for normal skin, blended skin and some oily skin types. If you have dry and sensitive skin, a scrub can damage your skin and increase its sensitivity. Therefore, we recommend that you prefer enzyme peelings that do not contain grainy particles but polar away dry skin cells by dissolving microscopic bonds between the cells, thus contributing to their gentle exfoliation. Enzyme peelings stimulate the skin for increased repair and cell turnover that does not interfere with the skin barrier or skin health. Enzyme peelings are very effective on all skin types and can reach deep into the skin to cleanse pores and increase skin freshness and luster. Enzyme peelings are excellent for sensitive skin and for skin with redness.

Peeling with acids has ultimate penetrating and cleansing properties and helps to gently and effectively peel off dead skin cells, moisturize the skin and initiate the skin's own reparative processes. Chemical peelings and home care peelings with mild acids are extremely effective in the fight against age signs - they help reduce wrinkles and minimize pigmentations, smooth out fine lines and even out skin tone. Chemical peelings help increase the skin's elasticity and restore its resilience as well as give your skin a maximum luster! These peelings are great for oily skin, blended skin and skin with acne, pimples, inflammation and increased shine. Acids restore the skin's healthy microflora and normalize sebum production, killing bacteria and preventing the onset of inflammation and pimples.

It is important to moisturize the skin after a peel or scrub and always apply a day cream with a high sun protection factor, to prevent the appearance of wrinkles and pigment spots and to protect the skin from harmful environmental factors. Peelings give a quick and visible result after first use. The result, however, does not rarely appears after 3-4 precedures, due to the fact of the complete cell renewal process taking about 28-30 days. Therefore, it is recommended to use peelingss regularly to actively work on skin problems such as acne, pigmentation or age signs and maintain results. Consult our skin therapists for help with the choice of exfoliation and to chart the schedule for treatments.

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