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Facial Serum is a unique skin care product that is applied over cleansed skin directly after toner or face water, but before face cream or moisturizer. The most important function of the serum is to provide the skin with a range of active ingredients and vitamins to maintain skin’s health and at the same time work on existing skin problems. Serum and facial oil have slightly different textures, where the serum is a lighter and often water-based product while oil is a more greasy and nourishing skin care product that suits extremely well for dry skin. Whatever you prefer, both serum and oil are suitable for all skin types: dry skin, blended skin, oily skin, acne prone skin with pimples, inflammation and blackheads, youth skin, sensitive skin and mature and aged skin.

The main advantage of the serum and the oil is that they can transport active ingredients deeper into the skin and have an effect on internal skin layers. The active ingredients are built into small molecules, which improves absorption and allows molecules to stimulate the cells that are deep inside in the skin. Depending on the combination of active ingredients in the serum, results you get at the end differ. At the same time, they have a higher concentration of active ingredients and therefore add a greater amount of the beneficial ingredients to your skin. In addition, the ingredients in the serum and oil often have a more stable structure than day cream or night cream have and therefore provide a longer duration of action and a higher effect. These properties of serum and facial oil make them excellent products for those who want to work effectively on specific skin problems such as wrinkles, fine lines, saggy skin, lost elasticity, pigments, uneven skin color, color changes, pimples, blackheads, inflammation, sensitivity and skin irritability.

There are many types of serum that have different ingredients and give different effects to your skin. It is important to choose which skin condition or skin problem you want to work on and choose the serum based on it. The serum helps you reduce the signs of aging, improve skin repair, increase nutrient supply and metabolism of the skin, stimulates cell renewal and enhances skin luster. Many serums can be used on sensitive skin to suppress redness and reduce itching or on inflamed skin to prevent the appearance of blemishes, pimples and acne rashes, and reduce sebum production and refresh the skin. At present, there are a number of multifunctional serums that can work on several different skin problems at the same time. Buying such a product is an excellent investment in your skin care routine and skin health, as a serum can usually go a long way to treat skin problems and maintain skin’s well-being.

Serums can be worn alone on well-cleaned skin and appear moisturizing, softening, refreshing and protective throughout the day. Or, the serum can be combined with a suitable day cream, 24 hour cream or night cream. Such a combination of different skin care products creates a synergy effect, ie their effects are drastically enhanced and you get a significantly better result. You can choose the face cream that is targeted to treat the same problems as the serum, and thus have a significantly better effect by combining just two complementary skin care products.

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