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Why do we need toner? What is it really? Toner (lotion, face water) is a skin care product that is applied over the skin immediately after facial cleansing but before serum, booster or face cream. Facetoner is a necessary product whose function is to normalize and stabilize the skin's acidity after cleansing and to apply moisturizing and protective agents that will work on the skin throughout the day. When we cleanse the skin with a facial cleanser that has a lower acidity than that which is natural for the skin, we disturb the skin's balance and this can eventually lead to dryness, irritation and the appearance of pimples and inflammations. The acidity of the face water approaches the skin and counteracts disruptions in the skin's natural microbiom and preserves the skin's health.

Toner is suitable for all skin types without exception, because it is created to normalize the skin, which includes a broad spectrum effect on all skin conditions and skin problems. Facial water can advantageously be used on oily skin, sensitive skin, mature and aged skin, dry skin and mixed skin. Most skincare companies develop their skincare products with the concept that facial cleansing and facial water should match each other. This means that there are often lines that contain a facial cleanser and a facial water / toner that matches the selected cleanser and which advantageously complements its effect on the skin. We strongly recommend choosing toner and facial cleanser from the same line, to enhance results and avoid interactions between different ingredients.

As stated earlier, facial water adds a variety of active ingredients that work to moisturize and soften the skin, remove dirt and dust residues, and protect the skin from environmental stress and harmful agents, such as sunlight. It is important to protect the skin against environmental stresses to counteract the aging of the skin and maintain its health without aging. Toner also prepares the skin for application of subsequent products: booster, serum, day cream, night cream and 24 hour cream. Toner improves the skin's absorption capacity and promotes the absorption of the beneficial substances contained in skin care products. The main benefit of this is that the ingredients in your creams and serums can get deeper into the skin and thus have a better effect.

Nowadays, facial water is enriched with several components, for multitasking. This means that in addition to the aforementioned properties, modern facial water provides additional features that are more targeted at treating a specific type of skin problem: reducing wrinkles, reducing facial discoloration, preventing pigmentation, preventing inflammation, pimples and blackheads. You can choose the facial water that will suit your skin type and that will treat your skin condition at our online store or at our beauty salon in Vasastan where our educated skin therapists will eagerly help you.

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