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The sun is the main cause of skin aging. Sun rays cause pigmentation to occur and cause the skin to lose its luster and elasticity. UV rays can indirectly induce wrinkles and fine lines, pimples and inflammations on the skin surface. In case of excessive exposure to sun rays, the risk of developing skin cancer increases. Therefore, it is important to use sunscreen creams. High quality sunscreen creams protect the skin from harmful UV rays, neutralize free radicals, moisturize, soothe and soften the skin and counteract aging. Choose the sun visor that suits your skin tone, skin type and lifestyle (if you practice outdoors or like to swim in the summer, it is best to choose waterproof sun protection).

Our skin protects us every day. It acts as a barrier that prevents dehydration and protects us against bacteria and viruses. But there are dangerous environmental factors that easily damage our sensitive skin, impair its elasticity and break down its structure. The most important factor that has an extremely large negative effect on the skin is the sun. On the one hand, the sun is so warm and nice to be at, and we all love to sunbathe. But on the other hand, the sun promotes the production of harmful particles - free radicals - that disrupt protein structures in the skin and cause the skin to lose its elastic texture and become slaggy and dr. Free radicals interfere with cells’ metabolism and eventually lead to deterioration of the skin's health. With frequent sun exposure and in combination with the life in a big city and unhealthy lifestyle, it causes the skin to become contaminated, dried out and promotes appearance of wrinkles, pigmentation, uneven color and reduced resilience.

UV radiation can be effectively neutralized by using protective beauty products with SPF filters. Face creams with SPF contain either a physical or a chemical filter, or a combination of both. This filters break down UVA and UVB rays emanating from the sun and therefore prevent the production of harmful particles in the skin. Physical filters consist of minerals, including zinc oxide and / or titanium dioxide that reflects off sun rays and creates an invisible barrier over the skin surface. Physical sunscreen suits all skin types and does not cause irritations or allergies. Therefore, face creams with a physical filter can be used in skin care routine for normal, sensitive, dry, reactive, fat, mature and combined skin.

Chemical filters, also known as sunblocks, absorb sun rays and convert them to hewarmthat. These filters are very effective already at low concentrations and are usually the most important ingredient in sunscreen with lower SPF values. Chemical filters are evenly distributed over the skin surface and work for a long time to give you the best protection against sun rays! Chemical and physical filters are often combined to achieve longer protection and make products more environmentally friendly. In addition, combination filters provide more broad-spectrum protection.

It is very important to use sunscreen. They have many effects on the skin. Sunscreen prevents dehydration and loss of moisture and prevents the breakdown of active substances in your skin care creams and serums. Second, if you want to counteract and delay the onset of age signs, creams with suncreen must become your best friends. It has long been proven that the sun is the main reason why we get wrinkles and color irregularities in the skin and the UV protection helps you minimize the risk of getting them earlier than necessary. Use sunscreen with higher SPF on mature and premature aged skin, on skin with pigments or irritations, on acne prone skin and skin with inflammation and in pregnancy. Last but not least is that sunscreen creams protect the skin from the appearance of skin changes and skin diseases, eg. cancer. Therefore, do not forget to apply the UV protection before the sun exposure to keep your skin healthy. Take care of your health!

The UV protection should be applied 20-30 minutes before the sun exposure to get the effect then when you leave home. UV protection creams should be applied as the last step in the beauty routine, ie over your day cream, before make-up. You can advantageously wear the SPF cream alone, it will not affect the properties of the cream and should allow the skin to breathe and enrich with fresh air! Re-apply the sunscreen after bathing or sweating, or choose creams with waterproof. In your daily sun exposure in Sweden, low to medium-high filter levels up to SPF 30 are usually sufficient. If you are going on vacation will be sunbathing a lot, choose sunscreen with SPF over 30, preferably 50 to maximize skin protection.

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