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Tinted sunscreen is a very good skin care product for spring and summer! When the sun season comes, it is important to think about protecting the skin. During the summer, use sunscreen to strengthen the skin barrier, reduce sun damage, prevent the appearance of pigmentations and counteract premature aging. In the summer, many girls do not want a foundation or a heavy product on the skin, so most people prefer to buy a tinted sunscreen that is a good combination of 3 skin care products. Tinted sunscreen is a protective, coloring and moisturizing cream in a bottle!

Tinted sunscreen can be used alone or on top of your regular skin care products. Such sunscreen often contains moisturizing ingredients such as aloe vera, vitamin E or hyaluronic acid to further care for the skin. A tinted sunscreen also contains colored substances that even out skin tone. Tinted sunscreen has a light to medium coverage and helps to get a fresh and even skin tone without bumps or film. Tinted sunscreen should not run off as foundation does when you are sweating, nor should it become stained. A sunscreen with tint is therefore a perfect alternative for you who want fresh and even skin in the summer!

Another important aspect of tinted sunscreen is its UV filter. The sun is the main reason why we get wrinkles, lines, uneven skin tone and pigmentations. Tinted sunscreen often contains very high SPF to give you optimal protection against harmful UV rays. Sunscreen can sometimes settle as a white film, which can be easily avoided by buying a tinted sunscreen that does not leave a white residue when applied. Remember to protect your skin now during the sunny season! Take the opportunity to buy tinted sunscreen at a good price online!

Do not know which tinted sunscreen is right for you? Welcome to a consultation with us at Beautyka skin care clinic in Vasastan!

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