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Many sunscreens on the market today contain dangerous chemical ingredients that can harm both the skin and the environment. When such non-organic chemical substances from face sunscreen end up in water, they can affect corals, fish, and other living organisms in the oceans. Therefore, it has recently become very popular with organic sunscreen for the face. An organic face cream does not contain environmentally hazardous ingredients and does not have the same harmful effect on the environment and the sea.

Organic sunscreen often includes a physical filter consisting of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, which protects the skin from UV rays. Zinc oxide is preferable in your organic sunscreen, as this metal is more important for the skin and is completely organic and harmless to both you and the environment. Organic sunscreen often also contains natural oils, such as sunflower oil, beeswax, jojoba oil, vitamin E, shea butter, lavender, coconut oil, aloe vera and other natural ingredients that soften and care for the skin and at the same time can be easily broken down in nature.

Organic sunscreen often has various eco-certificates that prove that this sunscreen is safe for the environment and especially for corals. It is corals that are mainly affected by the fact that not everyone uses organic sunscreen. Chemical filters in sunscreen contain nanoparticles that affect the coral's DNA and cause unicellular organisms in corals to die, which disrupts the entire ecosystem. Therefore, it is especially important to buy organic sunscreen with the right ingredients that do not harm the environment. Yes, an organic sunscreen is often more expensive, but it is safer and does not contribute to the destruction of the environment, fish and corals in the sea.

Buying an organic sunscreen is a conscious choice aimed at saving the environment and the sea. It is our main responsibility to think about it, as the sea and fish are most affected by people using sunscreen with chemical filters. Organic sunscreen is a step in a brighter and cleaner future!

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