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Sunscreen is a must have skin care product in the summer. There are only two types of sunscreens: those with physical filters and those with chemical. Now you will learn more about sunscreen with a physical filter, ie physical sun protection. Physical sunscreen works as a protective layer that reflects off harmful sun rays - uva and uvb rays bounced off like a rubber ball and do not have a chance to damage the skin. There is a great advantage to buying sunscreen with a physical filter - they are environmentally friendly!

Physical sun protection is organic and safe for both the sea and skin health. Sunscreen with a physical filter is not absorbed into the skin and does not cause any allergies or hormonal disturbances that a chemical filter can do. To buy the right physical sunscreen, look for two key ingredients: zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. These two mineral filters are the main ingredients in a physical sunscreen. They are the two that create the protective layer and counteract aging and moisture loss.

Titanium dioxide is the most widely used physical sunscreen. It reflects both UVA and UVB rays and provides longer protection from the sun than zinc oxide. On the other hand, titanium dioxide can clog pores, making it not the best for oily skin with blackheads. Titanium dioxide is best for dry and normal skin without pimples. Another filter in a physical sunscreen is zinc oxide which reflects off all types of UV light and also leaves less white film on the skin. Zinc oxide does not clog the pores, but on the contrary kills bacteria and treats pimples, which is why physical sunscreen with zinc oxide is best suited for oily skin.

An important property that physical sunscreens have is that they can leave a white film on the skin. This is caused by the mineral filter being placed as an even layer to give you optimal protection. Therefore, we can recommend buying a colored sunscreen with a physical filter, to avoid having the white residue.

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