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Sunscreen SPF 30


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Sunscreen SPF 30

The skin is extra exposed and sensitive to environmental stresses in the summer. The sun and heat are not favorable factors for your skin and they cause age damage such as wrinkles, color spots and reduced elasticity and elasticity of the skin. To protect your skin in the summer, use a sunscreen with SPF30 and higher. Sunscreen with SPF30 is a high-protection skin care product that neutralizes the sun's damaging effect on the skin and maintains the skin's fresh and youthful appearance. Sunscreen with SPF30 is the perfect choice for you who are in Sweden and stay out long and often.

What exactly does a sunscreen with SPF30 do? SPF30 means that the sun filter in the sunscreen extends the time until the skin gets a tan by 30 times. This means that when you use a sunscreen with SPF30, you have a much longer time to be out in the sun and enjoy the heat without risking getting the damage to the skin. Sunscreen with SPF 30 often goes with nourishing and moisturizing ingredients to care for the skin while you have sunscreen on. This is very useful for you who have a small budget or want as simple a skin care routine as possible.

Sunscreen with SPF 30 is enough to have as a summer product if you are in Sweden, where the sun is not as strong as, for example, in Spain or Vietnam. However, if you are going abroad and sunbathing a lot then we recommend that you buy a sunscreen with a slightly higher SPF than 30 to guarantee good protection. However, sunscreen with SPF30 is a very good alternative for slightly oily skin types that are prone to pimples and inflammation. For such skin, it is recommended not to have too high values of filters in your sunscreen. Therefore, you should preferably buy a sunscreen with SPF30 if you think you have a skin prone to acne.

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