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The eyes are "the doors of the soul" and it is essential that the eyes attract the eyes and define the eyesight. With products from our web shop you can create both bold and natural eye makeup. Always start by preparing the skin for as easy and smooth application as possible. Eye primer moisturizes and smoothes the skin and prevents eye shadow from folding. Use primer to get makeup that sits all day!

Correct the skin around the eyes by applying a suitable concealer. It should hide dark circles, minimize obsession and refresh the face. Apply eyeshadows and / or eyeliner to get a more defined look and correct eyes. Our extra-durable mascaras should give you a perfect finish with long and full fringes.

Don't forget to lift the look, by applying a small amount of highlighter in the inner corner of the eye and on the brow bone.Shape the brows with browning and browning. Use the right tool to get the result you want.

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