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Good tools of high quality are a guarantee of successful makeup. It is recommended to use makeup brushes and brushes that are adapted for specific purposes to get the result you desire. In our shop you can find smooth lip and brushes, generous powder and foundation brushes as well as delicate bronzer, rouge and highlighter brushes.

Use separate brush for each product to avoid mixing pigment and structure. Bring a fresh brush for each color to get the shade you want. Use small, airy brushes to apply blush. Large and fluffy brushes are perfect for powder and powder fading, while medium sized, slightly rounded brushes provide a simpler and more flexible application of liquid foundation. Angled, fixed brushes are ideal for applying liquid eyeliner or for shaping eyebrows. You can find instructions for every brush in the product description.

Clean your brushes and brushes regularly to kill bacteria, prevent inflammation, and clean up remnants of make-up products. With cleaned brushes you do not have to worry about the different shades being mixed and the result you get is different from what you want. Clean brushes and brushes with cleaning spray after each use to remove product residue. Wash utensils at least once a week to kill bacteria, clean off remnants of makeup products that destroy the straws. Let the brushes dry before using them again.

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