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Akne vulgaris is common from early puberty and about every third individual suffers from these disorders. Acne is a pathology where 4 factors play an important role and trigger the development of acne. The 4 factors are increased sebum secretion or, in other words, overproduction of sebum, the hyperkeratinization of the sebaceous gland (an increase in cornering within the passageway) and an increased amount of Propionebacterium acne with concomitant inflammation. Acne is mainly on the face, chest and upper back. Acne can be triggered or exacerbated by various factors, including certain drugs (such as cortisone and anabolic steroids) .Cosmetics can also record, especially fatty creams and oils that clog the pores (comedogenic products). If you squeeze the skin changes you also risk spreading the inflammation. One usually divides acne into different types that turn into one another: 

Non-inflammatory acne, "acne comedonica", is dominated by closed and open comedones, especially in the forehead, nose and cheeks of the T-zone. The majority are not inflamed.

Inflammatory acne, "acne papulopustulosa", in addition to the T-zone, also involves the jaw line and other parts of the cheeks. In inflammatory acne, many of the blackheads are infected, blushing and raised, forming a mixture of papules and pustules, blisters.

Nodulocystic acne is characterized by both greater and deeper skin changes - inflammation of the nodules and cysts, of the face and of the chest and back. The rash almost always heals with scarring. Requires specialist care by Dermatolog.

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