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Skin Care for Aged & Mature Skin


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The older we get, the slower the cell renewal is. The skin structure becomes coarser and the epidermis thicker, especially around the chin and mouth. Dermis, on the other hand, become thinner and the collagenous structures weaken. A mature skin becomes fragile and delicate and loses its resilience and lean surface. The first signs of aging usually appear in the form of lines around the eyes and mouth and on the neck. Factors that generally accelerate skin aging are, for example, excessive sunbathing, smoking, high alcohol consumption, stress and dehydration due to weather and wind or other environmental factors.

Characteristics of mature skin:

• Flabby skin

• Gray

• The skin gives a lifeless impression

• Skin changes, such as uneven pigmentation or keratosis (thickened horn layer)

• Uneven and rough

• Wrinkles

• Thin, atrophic skin

• All degrees of UV sensitivity may occur

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