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Skin Care for Combination / Mixed Skin


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Skin care for combination skin

Combination / Mixed Skin type usually means that the skin is oily in the forehead, around the nose and on the chin, while the cheeks are normal or dry. This is because there are the most active sebaceous glands in the so-called T-zone. Mixed skin is the most common skin type, and many who have oily skin as young develop this type of skin over the years.

Mixed skin characteristics:

  • A combination of two skin types in different areas, usually oily T-zone and dry or normal cheeks.
  • Often rough pores.
  • Impurities on oily parties.
  • The skin condition can change greatly depending on the season.
  • All degrees of UV sensitivity may occur.

How to choose a skin care for combination skin?

Choosing a good skin care for combination skin is not an easy task. We are talking about a unique skin type that includes oily areas (T-zone: forehead, chin and nose) as well as dry (cheeks). It turns out that you need to look for a skin care product that would be useful for such different skin types at the same time.

Need for special skin care

Since combination skin has a dual type, it should be treated accordingly. You should mattify and clean the skin in depth where it is oily, and moisturize actively in dry areas. The most important thing is to pay special attention to both zones, the oily T-zone and the dry U-zone in each step of the skin care routine.

Rules for choosing skin care for combination skin

To please combination skin, you need a product that can work mattifying on oily areas and moisturize dry. It can be a cream-gel, serum or toner, i.e. skin care product with a light consistency.

Skin care labeled for oily/combination skin

These products have a pronounced mattifying effect. Such skin care products are useful in summer, during heat and high humidity, which provokes increased production of sebum and oily shine. Mattifying products are appreciated by the owners of young combination skin, which due to age is characterized by increased greasiness in the T-zone.


Avoid creams for oily skin. Antiseptics and high concentrations of fat absorbents can lead to skin dehydration.

Skin care labeled for normal/combination skin

Such products moisturize combination skin more than mattes, but do not clog pores. It is better to use them in the cold season, when the sebaceous glands behave calmly and the skin tends to become dry. Light moisturizer is suitable for combination skin after 30 years, when dehydration becomes the main problem but not oiliness.

Best cream for combination skin

Cosmetologists and skin therapists are sure that good skin care really solves a number of problems with combination skin, namely:

  • it provides the necessary care for both areas of the face and gently smoothes the boundaries between them;
  • safely protects the epidermis;
  • has an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect;
  • prevents the development of inflammation;
  • deeply nourishes and moisturizes the skin;
  • promotes healing of injuries;
  • mattifies the skin.

All this is supported by:

  1. Essential oils (rose, scented lavender, blood orange, ginger, mint, green tea, marigold, chamomile, rosemary, tea tree, bergamot and/or menthol).
  2. Plant extracts (chamomile, tea tree, various citrus fruits, aloe, white lily, pineapple, grape seed, iris and/or canuka).
  3. Additional ingredients (glycerin, vitamin complex, minerals, hyaluronic acid, collagen, peptides and/or panthenol).

When the above substances are present in skin care for combination skin in different combinations, the ingredients work really well:

  • perfectly moisturizes, softens and tones combination skin;
  • gives the skin firmness and elasticity;
  • has a matting effect on oily areas;
  • restores the hydrolipidic skin barrier.


For the summer, you should buy skin care products with UV filters. Skin care for combination skin in the summer should combine protective, moisturizing and mattifying effects.

In winter, it is necessary to choose a suitable face cream for cold weather which can protect the skin from low temperatures, nourish the skin and moisturize it, soften and exfoliate dead skin cells. Such cream must be applied to the face no later than 30 minutes before going out.


When choosing skin care products for combination skin, focus on the condition of the skin at the moment. If it was not possible to find a single cream for the whole face, use two instead: one for the T-zone - mattifying with astringent properties and the other for dry areas - moisturizing and restoring.


Are you curious what skin care products for blended / combined skin suit you? Are you hesitant or have any questions about skincare for mixed / combined skin? Feel free to contact us for a free skin consultation. Now you also have the opportunity to get video consultation with direct advice from our skin therapists and doctors. Buy skin care on Beautyka.se

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