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Skin Care for Combination / Mixed Skin


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Combination / Mixed Skin type usually means that the skin is oily in the forehead, around the nose and on the chin, while the cheeks are normal or dry. This is because there are the most active sebaceous glands in the so-called T-zone. Mixed skin is the most common skin type, and many who have oily skin as young develop this type of skin over the years.

Mixed skin characteristics:

• A combination of two skin types in different areas, usually oily T-zone and dry or normal cheeks.

• Poor bleeding.

• Often rough pores.

• Impurities on oily parties.

• The skin condition can change greatly depending on the season.

• All degrees of UV sensitivity may occur.

Are you curious what skin care products for blended / combined skin suit you? Are you hesitant or have any questions about skincare for mixed / combined skin? Feel free to contact us for a free skin consultation. Now you also have the opportunity to get video consultation with direct advice from our skin therapists and doctors. Buy skin care on Beautyka.se

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