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Day cream for combined skin


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Day cream for combination skin

Combination skin plays a double game: in some areas it is oily, while in others it is normal or even completely dry.

Characteristics of combination skin

Combination skin has the characteristics of both oily and dry skin. The so-called T-zone (nose, forehead, chin) is characterized by high activity of the sebaceous glands, just like oily skin. The T-zone becomes shiny especially in the hot season, black dots appear on the nose, too much sebum is released and the pores are clogged.

At the same time, the skin on the cheeks lacks moisture. After washing the face, a feeling of tightness may also occur, the skin reacts to low temperatures and springs from cold and wind. In other words, dryness appears in certain areas of the face.

What to do with skin that combines opposites?

Day cream should moisturize and have a long matting effect. The nose should not be shiny after a couple of hours. Day cream for combination skin should combine moisturizing, nourishing and protective functions. This is the minimum requirement for a good day cream for combination skin.


At this stage, you need a light day cream that will be able to moisturize dry areas without clogging the pores of the oily areas. It is ideal for combination skin to also use a universal moisturizing serum as a supplement in your skin care routine.


A nourishing day cream with a high fat content is not the best option for combination skin. However, it can be used sometimes, for example in extreme cold and only on dry areas of the face. By and large, combination skin likes lightweight formulas that contain more water than oils.


Every day cream should provide protection, therefore the presence of antioxidants and SPF is a must to protect combination skin.


In summer, sun protection is especially necessary. Choose a mattifying face cream from the sunny lines if sunscreen filters are not included in your usual day cream.


All purchased day creams for combination skin should be tested for allergic reactions before use (combination skin is prone to them), that is, apply a small amount of the day cream to the elbow or wrist and watch the result.

You should not buy a day cream for the future, because combination skin tends to change. Every six months after 30 years, it is necessary to check whether the T-zone, forehead, nose and chin have become drier. Maybe you need a different skin care product.

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