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Sunscreen for combination skin


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Finding a good sunscreen for combination skin can be a challenge. Mixed skin is special in its sebum production, there are both dry and oily areas. A sunscreen for combination skin should compensate for both parts - it should provide a lot of moisture and at the same time regulate sebum production. A good sunscreen should also not clog the pores or cause pimples. Here we will tell you what properties and ingredients you should look for to buy a good sunscreen for combination skin in the summer!

There are two types of UV filters in sunscreens - physical and chemical. Physical sunscreen is more environmentally friendly and is often recommended for combination skin. However, you should pay attention here when choosing your sunscreen. You should buy a sunscreen with zinc oxide. A sunscreen with zinc oxide is perfect for combination skin, because it kills bacteria, reduces the appearance of blackheads, regulates sebum production and reduces oily shine while protecting the skin from the sun. Titanium dioxide can be found in a good sunscreen for combination skin, but in smaller amounts.

A good sunscreen for combination skin should also contain moisturizing substances that soften the skin and reduce the imbalance in dry skin areas. You should look for a sunscreen with Aloe Vera, vitamin E or hyaluronic acid to make it suitable for combination skin. You can also buy a sunscreen that contains vitamin b3 or vitamin c, to further protect the skin and increase its health.

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