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Skin Care for Dry Skin


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A dry skin type is due to an undersimulation of the sebaceous glands. Having a dry skin is to some extent a hereditary condition. But it can also be a natural consequence. of skin aging. Because just like many other processes in the body, the activity of the sebaceous glands is slowed down when we get older. A dry skin type tends to not only lack fat but also moisture. It is related to the fact that the pore in dry skin is narrow in shape so that the tallow has a long way up to the skin surface. Thus, it becomes difficult for the small tallow which, after all, is present in the skin to reach the epidermis and prevent the moisture from evaporating from the skin surface. The skin then works worse as protection and often loses its resilience. It scales easily and is often perceived as tightening. Dry skin is also extra sensitive to wind, extreme temperature changes and dry indoor air.

Characteristics of dry skin:

• The pores are underdeveloped, fine and narrow and almost invisible.

• The skin is thin, light and delicate and sometimes slightly translucent.

• The skin surface is matt and low in fat and moisture.

• The skin feels dry and tight.

• The skin surface may be uneven and scaly.

• Wrinkles and lines easily arise.

• Missing natural, fresh luster.

• All degrees of UV sensitivity may occur.

• Bad turgor.

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