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Day cream for dry skin


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Day cream for dry skin

Day cream for dry skin is a very important skin care product in your daily routine. Day cream for dry skin helps to soften the skin and recreate its moisture barrier. Day cream is also important to prevent itching and discomfort on dry skin and also prevents the appearance of early signs of aging such as wrinkles, fine lines and sagging skin. How to choose a good day cream for dry skin, we will tell you here.

Day cream for dry skin can have different textures: the cream can be a little oily or, conversely, have a watery consistency that quickly sinks into the skin without leaving shine and shine. Day cream for dry skin contains highly moisturizing ingredients whose task is primarily to add moisture to dry skin and maintain optimal moisture balance in the skin. Day cream for dry skin makes the skin fresh, smooth and soft and protects the skin against dehydration caused by environmental factors such as wind and dust. Day cream for dry skin creates a perfect base for make-up, because it fills in all irregularities and lines in the skin and creates a moisture-damaged that prevents make-up from becoming cakey.

Day cream for dry skin can be used both morning and evening and in all seasons. However, you should avoid having a day cream with a watery consistency in the winter. Such a day cream can freeze the skin and cause redness and more dryness. Therefore, you should buy a watery day cream for dry skin in the summer but a fatter day cream in the winter to prevent dehydration. A proper day cream for dry skin meets all skin needs and maintains the skin's beautiful firmness and elasticity without feeling heavy and sticky on the skin.

Do you find it difficult to choose a day cream for dry skin? You can book a consultation with us at Beautyka skin care clinic in Stockholm where we will help you find your perfect day cream for dry skin!

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