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Face cleanser for dry skin


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Facial cleanser for dry skin

Dry skin is a special skin type that requires extra care and love. Therefore, you should be very careful with which skin care products you choose to buy for dry skin, especially with a facial cleanser. Facial cleansing for dry skin should be able to cleanse the skin from sebum and pollution but at the same time add moisturizing ingredients and strengthen the skin barrier so as not to damage skin. A good facial cleanser for dry skin can be a mild cleaning or a deep cleansing agent. You choose the type of facial cleanser for dry skin that is right for you and your needs, but you should notice some ingredients that are good to have in a facial cleanser for dry skin.

A good facial cleanser for dry skin should preferably not contain strong and dehydrating acids that can damage the skin barrier and cause even more dryness in the skin. However, it is good with rebuilding and moisturizing acids in a facial cleanser for dry skin. Moisturizing acids, for example, are glycolic acid and almond acid or a new PHA acid. Glycolic acid binds moisture into the skin and restores the skin's resilient elasticity. This acid smooths out skin surface and gives a feeling of pleasure in the skin, which is why it is often used in facial cleansing for dry skin.



PHA acid is another very popular acid that often meets in a good facial cleanser for dry skin. PHA acid strengthens the skin barrier and builds up fat layers for bored and stressed skin. This acid increases the production of hyaluronic acid and creates an invisible protective barrier the skin that prevents dehydration. It is very good to buy a facial cleanser for dry skin that contains a PHA acid.

Other substances that often meet the bag facial cleanser for dry skin are hyaluronic acid, oat extract, aloe vera and vitamin C. These ingredients bind moisture to skin surface and counteract moisture loss.

If you find it difficult to choose which facial cleanser is suitable for your dry skin, you are welcome at a consultation with our specialists at Beautyka Skin Care Clinic in Vasastan

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