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Serum for dry skin


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Serum for dry skin


Serum is the most effective skin care product on the market. Dry skin serum is your absolute must! Serum contains the highest proportion of active substances Osmo can get deep into the skin and release moisture throughout the day! Dry skin serum is specially formulated to soften the skin and keep it fresh and smooth. The most common ingredients in a serum for dry skin are hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, vitamin E, oat extract and algae extract. Do not have a serum in your skincare routine? Then you should definitely buy it today and treat your dry skin to a sip of water!


Dry skin serum is the fastest and most effective way to get moisture into the skin. Such serums usually contain different types of large acids such as hyaluronic acid or glycolic acid. Glycolic acid is a very common ingredient a serum for dry skin that also begins to show signs of aging: wrinkles, lines, poor elasticity. Serum for dry skin with glycolic acid is recommended for you 30+ who want to maintain the skin's freshness and elasticity for a long time to come.


You can not describe serum on dry skin and not write anything about vitamin C. Vitamin C is a source of moisture antioxidants for the skin. It gives you a fresh and even skin filled with luster. A serum for dry skin with vitamin C is perfect for you with tired, dull skin or for dry skin with sun spots and uneven skin tone. Oat extract and algae extract are two other common substances found in serum for dry skin. These ingredients soften and soothe the skin and also reduce redness and tightness. If you have dry skin with a tendency to become red and stressed, then you should definitely buy a serum with these substances!

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