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Sunscreen for dry skin


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It is an art to take care of the skin in the summer: you should have a good sunscreen and a emollient cream, preferably with vitamin C as well. It is especially important to buy a good sunscreen for dry skin, so that the cream will not only protect against the sun but also build up the skin and soften it. Sunscreen for dry skin usually contains moisturizing substances such as aloe vera, hyaluronic acid or vitamin E. Of all the possible sunscreens, you should preferably choose a physical filter in your sunscreen for dry skin, for occasional irritation or dryness of the skin.


Sunscreen for dry skin should, as I said, preferably contain a physical filter. There are two such: zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. If you have dry skin without a tendency to have pimples, then we recommend that you buy a sunscreen for dry skin with titanium dioxide filter. This mineral protects the skin from harmful sun rays and unlike chemical filters has no effect on the environment and corals. Sunscreen for dry skin with titanium dioxide protects the skin from dehydration and does not cause itching or dryness. Such a cream helps retain moisture in the skin while protecting it from danger.


If you have a skin with a tendency to get small pimples, then you should preferably choose a sunscreen for dry skin with zinc oxide. Zinc kills bacteria that cause pimples and keeps the skin dull. But you should be careful with such a sunscreen so that your dry skin can become a little drier if the cream contains a high concentration of zinc itself. You can also choose a colored sunscreen for dry skin to avoid using foundation or powder in the summer

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