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A normal skin type often changes over the years and becomes both drier and more sensitive. Therefore, in order for normal skin to maintain its quality, it is important to care for it well, even if you do not have problems.

Normal skin - characteristics:

• Single magnified pores in the T-zone, some blocked pores and very few blackheads, comedones. Normal pores on the cheeks, no blocked pores or comedones outside the T-zone.

• The skin is not thin or delicate, but strong, durable and well-balanced. Provides a clear, fresh impression and has a good moisture balance.

• The skin heals quickly.

• No dry or oily parts.

• Smooth structure and pigmentation.

• UV sensitivity III, IV or V.

• Easy sebum production to bind the moisture in the skin.

• Good blood circulation.

• Good muscle tone.

• Good turgor.

With us you will find a large selection of skin care for Normal skin. Buy protective, preventive, moisturizing, soothing, nourishing skin care products & vitamins online at Beautyka.se with fast delivery.

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