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Skin Care for Oily & Shiny Skin


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An oily skin type is linked to an overactivity of the sebaceous glands which is often hereditary. The oily skin tends to be glossy, often has a thick appearance and usually round and enlarged pores. Due to the high sebum production, many pores are blocked, and comedones and inflammations are common. The oily skin can sometimes look gray and lifeless, but often has a rough, oily appearance, so-called seborrhea. Seborrhea is common in puberty and in skin diseases such as acne, for example.

Oily Skin - Characteristics:

• The pores are round, large and well visible, with many comedones.

• It has a glossy and thick appearance.

• It is rough and yellowish or grayish.

• It gives a lifeless impression.

• Blood circulation is poor.

• An oily skin type is often combined with fatty hair and dandruff in the scalp, so-called seborrheic skin.

• All degrees of UV sensitivity may occur.

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