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Skin care for Pimples & Blackheads


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Pimples are the result of an unbalanced skin function. Dead cells and sebum block the exit from the hair follicle (the sebaceous gland is there), but bacteria can enter it. In such clogged pores are good environment for bacteria, and therefore the bacteria begin to multiply and cause inflammation, ie a pimple. Most often, pimples occur on the face, back and chest. These are hormones that cause the skin to produce excess sebum. Because stress is directly related to the hormonal system, stress and anxiety can aggravate the skin's condition and cause pimples.

What skin care routines are important for preventing pimples?

1. Facial Cleansing - twice a day, gently massage your moisturized face and other areas affected by pimples with a facial cleanser and then rinse thoroughly.

2. Never wipe with a regular general towel. It is best to use disposable dryers, especially for the face. Or wash in warm water and iron thoroughly - this will replace disposable products. Just use your own towel!

2. Scrub - Use only mild products and not more than once a week. Choose with small particles and also gently remove. It is much better to use enzyme exfoliating or AHA / BHA containing exfoliating skin care products.

With us you will find a large selection of skin care products & skin care routines for pimples & blackheads. Prevention, anti-inflammatory, cleansing, pore contracting etc.

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